Panacea™ Bedside Enagement Solution Selected As A Finalist In Prestigious Impact Awards Program
Delivering patient bedside engagement on Microsoft Windows Touch devices is why Panacea™ by i3 Solutions Inc was singled out to be recognized by Microsoft Canada in their prestigious annual IMPACT awards program.

MISSISSAUGA, Canada —June 10, 2014 i3 Solutions Inc., a two-time award-winner for best-in-class healthcare solutions today is pleased to announce that they are looking for a hat-trick with a win as best solution for Microsoft Windows devices.  Announcements from Microsoft Canada last week placed Panacea™ as one of only two finalists in this category for their annual IMPACT Awards competition. Winners will be announced in July at Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Washington, an event that typically attracts 16,000 Microsoft partners from around the world, show-casing the best of the best for the world to see.

IMPACT awards acknowledges the outstanding work Microsoft partners do to deliver virtually seamless solutions to customers. Microsoft uses IMPACT awards to celebrate and recognize partners who have delivered exemplary innovative solutions built on Microsoft technologies in Canada.

“We are humbled to be recognized as one of only two finalists chosen by Microsoft Canada,” said Peter Christopoulos, Director, i3 Solutions Inc. “This is a competitive and highly sought after award. With several thousand potential recipients across 14 categories and only 2 finalists per category, we are extremely honoured to be considered a leading contender.”

The submission featured Panacea’s ability to offer an intuitive experience using Windows touch-screen devices that enable a full suite of entertainment and clinical services to hospital patients and staff. In particular, Panacea™ has an established footprint in North America, EMEA and APAC. Adoption of Panacea™ is growing rapidly because of its patient-centred focus, revenue opportunities, flexible patient bedside experience and wide range of services. Built and delivered on the Microsoft platform makes the technology extremely affordable, secure and compliant with regulatory and privacy concerns. For more information about the Panacea™ solution, please visit Panacea™.

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