i3 Opens Asia-Pacific Office to Meet Demands for Improved Patient Experience with Panacea™ Integrated Bedside Terminal Solution
Panacea™ by i3 is changing the hospital experience for patients with a modern integrated bedside terminal delivering on-demand entertainment options for patients as well as accurate clinical information for medical staff

MISSISSAUGA, Canada —September 27, 2013 i3 Inc., an award-winning North American solutions provider today announced the opening of its Asia-Pacific office in Sydney, Australia. i3 APAC will be focused on the sales and support of the i3 flagship product for healthcare – Panacea™. Panacea™ is an Integrated Bedside Terminal (IBT) solution, enabling patients, hospital staff and administrators to realize the ultimate on-demand experience for enhancing the provision of care in hospitals. Delivering entertainment, education and clinical records at the patient point of care through a simple and intuitive web interface, Panacea™ leads the market in flexibility and scalability.

“The demand for better patient care and improved patient engagement in Asia-Pacific is growing rapidly,” said Peter Christopolous, Director of Business Development, i3. “There is enormous interest in the ability to  impact patient well-being and satisfaction with better access to information and entertainment at the bedside.”

Several studies have proven out the advantages to providing technology at the point of care, including an enhanced patient experience, improved operational and healthcare efficiencies, a reduction in errors and better education for patients who need to understand post-hospital instructions to improve their recovery.
“I am delighted to be establishing i3 here in Sydney,” said Simon Walsh, CEO, i3 APAC. “We are seeing signifcant interest from facilities across Asia-Pacific and are already working with several hospitals who are eager to implement the latest in IBT innovation.”

With a growing need by medical professionals for immediate and secure access to on-line clinical information at the patient’s bedside, the Panacea™ IBT solution provides the platform for staff to quickly and easily access critical material such as pharmaceutical information or medication dosages without having to return to a nursing station or rely on paper charts. Delivered on a clinical grade touch-screen platform, the hardware is easy to clean, reducing the risk of spreading infection.
Walsh added, “The driving force for us is to provide a solution to healthcare facilities that allows them to meet the rapidly changing landscape in delivering improved care to patients at the bedside, while also giving the patient a vastly improved hospital experience.”
In addition to improving patient satisfaction by providing a state-of-the-art entertainment experience, studies have proven that patients using IBT solutions make fewer calls to nursing stations for pain medication, contributing to faster recoveries and reducing the cost of patient care.
Panacea™ further benefits facilties by enabling new revenue models, typically delivering ROI returns in less than 12 months.

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