Panacea™, Your Bedside Companion

Serves Patients, Hospital Staff and Administrators

Panacea™ is an award-winning Integrated Bedside Terminal by i3 Solutions, where patients, hospital staff and administrators can now experience the ultimate on-demand solution to enhance the delivery of care in hospitals. For entertainment, information and education, Panacea is the answer.

Panacea™ delivers 21st century healthcare right to the patient's bedside, improving their hospital experience with instant access to TV, video, phone, music, internet and games. Hospital staff can use the same unit to review clinical records and charts, receiving the most accurate up-to-date information about the patient as well as other pertinent hospital criteria. All of these services are deployed using highly secure industry leading bedside terminal technology.

One System for Multiple Uses

Patients are able to order and access entertainment, telephone and internet through a simple intuitive web interface, providing immediate services at their bedside. If the patient is transferred to another room, the services are carried with them.

Hospital staff turn the console into a patient records system using a smart access card (which can also be their existing ID card), so that they can view and input all the necessary patient information when at the patients' bedside.

Hospital administrators can access an Executive Dashboard along with detailed reports showing services being used, trends and up-to-date financial information providing business intelligence in real time.

There is a better way to provide patient services

Currently, in-hospital patient services are provided through multiple organizations and devices with non-integrated billing and management. Existing room devices have many limitations: they are not IP-based, they are slow to turn on, they cannot provide secure access to the hospital's clinical information systems and applications, and they do not allow patients to access health information in the hospital.

Panacea™ delivers key clinical and operational benefits:

Enhanced Patient Experience

The patient integrated entertainment, education and internet communications system is a convenient self-serve system, making it easy to stay in touch with family and friends through familiar social media for greater patient satisfaction. Access to on demand Health information helps to educate patients and family.

Improved Clinical Access and Patient Records

Secure point-of-care access to electronic patient records at the bedside improves workflow by saving time, reducing paperwork and improving patient safety, and enables health providers to make informed decisions more efficiently.

Efficiency and Productivity Gains

A Bed Asset Management system accelerates turnaround time for bed usage by tracking patient transfers and discharges, notifying Housekeeping immediately when rooms need cleaning - which reduces room 'down time' by several hours, reduces patient wait times for beds and increase revenue flow for bed usage – all key to improving patient care.

Adherence to Security and Privacy Standards

Panacea™ provides the most robust security and privacy capabilities for accessing health records and entertainment services. No patient information is stored on the hardware and the system is in compliance with HIPAA, and other privacy and security standards, providing multi-layered secure access through the use of smartcards.

Increased Revenue Streams

Along with cost savings, Panacea™ provides hospitals with opportunities for new revenue streams. Panacea™:

  • Moves bedside terminals from a cost center to a profit center with new revenue from patients;
  • Increases revenue flow for increased bed usage through the Bed Asset Management system.
  • Improves infection control through medical grade infection control standards on Panacea™ hardware, with less chance of costly and preventable disease outbreaks.
  • Raises awareness and demand for other hospital services such as gift shops, hair salon, and pharmacies;
  • Provides potential advertising revenue from local service providers such as restaurants, physiotherapists, taxis, etc.

Why Choose Panacea™?

Panacea™ is cloud-based, wireless and secure, built on Microsoft and the Windows operating system, requiring less hardware on site and providing a solution that is faster to implement, lower cost, and easier to maintain. It is easy to set up, flexible and highly configurable to support multiple vendors and customize needs for each hospital infrastructure and requirements as it is not dependent on cable or telephony systems. Panacea™ can scale from a budget system (internet based curated content) to a full scale fully integrated system using cable feeds and content libraries that are already available in the hospital's roster. It reduces total technology costs for infrastructure and services in patient rooms, and provides long term protection of capital investment in the facility, by eliminating the need to support multiple standards and devices today and in the future.