Move away from the burden of IT and begin to realize the promise of IT as a strategic asset to your business. For many organizations, the proliferation of devices, applications and infrastructure technology has grown too rapidly – often without the benefit of a strategic roadmap. This may have resulted in

  • Poor performance,
  • System unreliability,
  • Risk of data loss,
  • Limited business intelligence,
  • Too much or too little security,
  • Poor collaboration capabilities.

and valuable IT resources being spent in a break/fix capacity while the potential value of your investment continues to be unrealized.

At i3 we understand. In fact, at the rate that technology is evolving, it is impossible to expect most organizations to have personnel who can keep abreast of all of the changes and trends in information services while continuing to provide support across the operation. This is where our Infrastructure and Support Solutions step in. With i3 you can:

  • Benefit from our Technology Assessment Program;
  • Take advantage of our Strategic Roadmap Services;
  • Understand how to move from where you are today to where you want to be to support your growing business;
  • Qualify for subsidy programs to help off-set investments in new technology;
  • Implement innovation and reduce your operating costs.

“As a smaller client, I don’t get the attention of the big guys but i3 treats us like a VIP. They explain everything clearly, map it to a business benefit and stand behind everything they do. They have become a true partner and a critical part of our team.”