Panacea™ Hardware Options

Panacea™ Bedside Solution is hardware agnostic and as such can run on any Windows based device.
We recommend the following hardware solution to best meet your facility requirements.

Medical Grade Bedside Terminals

Panacea™ bedside solution is delivered via 18.5” terminals that have:

  • Touchscreen terminal
  • Fanless
  • Stereo Speakers
  • VOIP Telephone
  • RFID/Smart Card reader
  • Webcam
  • Telephone cradle
  • WiFi a/b/g/n card
  • Anti-bacterial plastics
  • Medical grade UL 60601 certification
  • TV Tuner or IPTV decoder
  • Alert LED’s

Recommended hardware for specific locations:


18.5″ In Patient Screens

32inch tv with panacea

32.0″ Out Patient Screens

40 inch tv 2 with survey

32.0″ to 50.0″ Monitors for Common Areas

Mounting Solutions

Medical Grade Terminals have the flexibility to be mounted in a variety of locations. The mounting options available for the solution are diverse, and include (but are not limited entirely to):

  1. Wall Mount

  2. Ceiling Mount

  3. Mobile Carts – which can be used for areas such as ICU

Articulating Arm

With the mounting options, we provide the Articulating Arm which provides the following features:

Articulating Arm
  • Carry Weights up to 12Kgs
  • Thermal transfer with terminal
  • A high quality and robust construction
  • Perfectly balanced with high vertical movement
  • Easy repositioning and maneuverability
  • Integrated cabling
  • Aluminum VESA Mounting
  • Long Reach (1200mm)
  • Easily cleaned and disinfected

In order to provide quality service, a site survey is completed to determine the most appropriate mounting requirements and recommendations. i3 Solutions Inc in concert with its partners, can provide all Point-Of-Care Terminal devices, servers, peripherals, software modules, licensing, hardware and software, installation, testing, commissioning and training.

Peripheral Hardware with Medical Grade Terminal

For clinical functionality, it is recommended that the following peripheral hardware be purchased

  • Keyboard
  • Barcode scanner
  • RFID Reader


Panacea™ on the laptopFor ease of use, we can provide Panacea™ on Windows based tablets. These can be used by hospital staff for clinical functionality on the go.