SelectVu kiosk

Figure 1: Managed Services Kiosk at Health Sciences Centre Winnipeg

AHA Kiosk

Figure 2: Managed Services Kiosk at Abbotsford Regional Hospital

We not only provide you with the Panacea™ Bedside Solution, but we can also help you achieve the most out of this investment through our support services program.

Professional Managed Services

  • Remote help desk
  • In-hospital customer service staff
  • Customer service staff can also do POS management
    • Manage payment gateway account, payment processor account, arrange and manage POS devices and accounts
  • Marketing support for increasing awareness and sales of the solution within the hospital
  • In-hospital technicians for any technical challenges. You can also choose to have:
    • In-area technicians
    • Help desk on site
    • Ticket system integration
    • Specialized reporting on usage and incidents
  • Manager for help desk kiosk and banking services


  • Front line training for kiosk staff
  • Back office training for kiosk/help desk staff
  • Back office training for curation and configuration

License and service management

  • Windows licenses
  • Third party software licenses
  • Content licenses
  • Third party service agreements
    • Content filtering
    • Digital radio
    • Pay-Per-View Content
    • Educational Video Subscriptions
    • Hosted VoIP services

Hardware management (RMA’s)

  • Hardware replacement
  • RMA control

Project planning and installation

Starting from discovery we provide

  • Network advice
  • Structured walk throughs
  • Installation analysis
  • Scheduling and project planning
  • Hiring staff
  • Providing installation teams and supervising them
  • Ensuring hospital infectious control standards and training

Network management

  • Design of new network for Panacea™ or integration to existing network
  • Monitoring of network routers
  • Switches
  • Wireless access points
  • Terminals

Content filtering

  • Onsite device based content/virus filtering
  • Remote hosted content filtering