Panacea™ has once again shown how powerful it is.

This ground-breaking software technology from i3 Solutions is used at hospitals across the country and continues to transform the patient experience and streamline workloads for nurses and doctors.

At this year’s prestigious Microsoft Impact Awards, Panacea™ scored another big win. i3 Solutions took home the Windows 10 Innovation Award, along with being named a finalist for the Winning Together Award, with Microsoft Partner Softchoice.

The Windows 10 Innovation Award recognizes Microsoft Partners who deliver exceptional customer value that transforms both business processes and mobile computing while embracing Windows as a Service using the Windows 10 platform.

i3 President, Peter Christopoulos, was thrilled. “It’s another victory for Panacea™ but what really excites me is that patients and hospital staff are the ones benefitting from Panacea™’s capabilities every day.”

The software, which runs on bedside devices, including medical grade Microsoft Surface Pro tablets, is changing how patients experience their hospital stay, as well as how doctors and nurses interact with their patients.

Panacea™ brings a world of opportunities directly to the patient’s fingertips – keeping patients engaged in their own healthcare plan, while bringing the comforts of social networks to their bedside. From the Panacea™ touch screen, patients can:

• view test results and medical information about their condition
• page a nurse
• watch TV and order movies
• download podcasts or listen to the radio
• play video games or choose to read a book
• order food items from the hospital’s menu
• control the lighting and heat in their rooms
• reach out to friends and family via video conferencing, no matter where they are.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that i3 Solutions sees in hospitals is that not only is Panacea™ a Patient Centric Solution, but it provides full integration capability with a hospital’s live environment. Panacea™ has become the epicenter of:

• dietary ordering
• clinical charting
• medication barcode scanning
• X-ray viewing, and more.

Much more than a simple bedside patient engagement device, Panacea™ is transforming clinical workflow and offering up efficiencies unseen before in the healthcare space.

Hospitals have reported a 30 percent reduction in administrative duties because of how Panacea™ has streamlined data gathering and reporting by nursing staff and physicians.

Peter Christopoulos is confident that the success recorded so far by Panacea™ will continue. “We’re working on extending the reach of Panacea™ into the home after the patient leaves the hospital. A wearable device will track vital signs and feed the data back to the medical staff. In our minds, Panacea™ is going to be the interface between a patient and the healthcare community.”

For more information on Panacea™, please contact us at i3 Solutions. We love talking about Panacea™ and what it’s doing for the healthcare industry.