i3 Solutions Inc.’s Panacea™, the ground-breaking healthcare solution recognized for being best-in-class patient bedside engagement, has been selected by Canada’s Humber River Hospital as it opens up a new world of high-tech health care.

Toronto, April 13, 2015   i3 Solutions Inc is pleased to announce that Panacea™ Bedside Solution has been awarded as part of broader consortium to deliver a full suite of entertainment and clinical services right to the patient’s bedside for Canada’s first fully digital hospital.

“We’re extremely proud of what we are accomplishing with Panacea™, and obviously thrilled that our offering suits the needs for their bedside ‘command centres’,” said Peter Christopoulos, Executive Director of i3. “A new era in patient care has dawned, and we are honoured to be part of Canada’s – in fact, North America’s – first fully digital hospital.”

In 2014, at the prestigious Canadian Dealer News Awards, the Toronto-based software development company won Best Solutions Provider of the Year for their forward-thinking Panacea™ solution. Panacea™ Bedside Solution is now being adopted by hospitals in Canada and around the world.

“It’s a first-class solution for today’s high-tech hospitals,” said Christopoulos. “Improving patient satisfaction and the overall experience is paramount in Canadian Health Care.”

More details of the project will be released as i3 continues to work with the hospital in bringing healthcare into the 21st century

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