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The Importance of Patient Experience – A Customer Service Perspective

The Beryl Institute defines patient experience as, “the sum of all interactions, shaped by an organization’s culture, that influence patient perceptions across the continuum of care.” In their paper titled Patient Perspectives on Patient Experience 2018, patient experience is highly influenced by people related functions; more than place or process experiences. It is the people [...]

How Panacea™ Can Help Improve Hospital Food Services

Improving the Patient Experience.

Traditionally, patients have had little to no control over the food they receive during their hospital stay; the tale of unpalatable hospital food is also a common one. Yet no one can argue that food is an important part of not only the patient experience, but also a vital part of patient […]

Video Feature: CDN Channel Elite Awards 2017 Solution Provider of the Year

Published: October 30, 2017

Last month, i3 Solutions took home the Solution Provider of the Year for the second time at the CDN Channel Elite Awards. Our team also took won the Gold Award for Best Mobile Solution and Silver for Best Managed Services, recognizing Panacea™ as the solution of choice for hospitals wanting to improve […]

Improving Patient Experience

Ask people what’s high on their list of things they dislike and you’ll get a resounding one-word response. Waiting.
Whether it’s waiting in line at a store or waiting while stuck in traffic, the time wasted stuck in line ups and in situations beyond one’s control is universally despised. That’s especially true when it comes to […]

Panacea™ installation completed at Humber River Hospital

The Future is Here – Top 3 Technology Themes at Annual e-health Conference

Hundreds of people gathered at the national e-Health Conference and Trade show in Toronto in June 2015 to discuss some of Ontario’s most pressing health care issues and explore ways to improve the quality of patient care through technology.

The conference held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre brought together numerous speakers and experts in all […]

Data Privacy – How secure are your health records?

It all came down to one number. That’s all it took for my personal medical information to be sent to someone’s home fax machine instead of my family doctor. When a medical assistant typed in that one wrong number, off went my personal health data to a complete stranger who I’ll never meet but who […]

Five Biggest IT Trends in Healthcare in 2015

Health is a universal issue in all our lives, regardless of one’s age. The reality, however, is that age-related health problems are one of the key issues adding pressure to our health care system.

With the inevitable increase in the elderly, health care deliverers are on the watch for anything that can help them manage their […]

Telehealth Services Address Rising Costs

Studies show that telehealth is a growing trend among hospitals and healthcare providers because of its wide reach and cost-saving capabilities. Telehealth is the sharing of health-related services by telecommunication technology, including telephone, live videoconferencing and email, typically between a patient and doctor or between health care professionals.
A patient in rural Ontario, for example, can […]

Patient Heal Thyself

70% Use the Internet for Medical or Health-Related Information
The growing number of individuals turning to the Internet for medical information is part of a culture of self-care which is seeing more people take an active role in their health care. Unlike generations before, who adopted a “doctor knows best” attitude and followed orders with unquestioning […]