Improving the Patient Experience.

Traditionally, patients have had little to no control over the food they receive during their hospital stay; the tale of unpalatable hospital food is also a common one. Yet no one can argue that food is an important part of not only the patient experience, but also a vital part of patient healing during treatment and recovery. Hospitals in Canada are recognizing the importance of how food is delivered to their patients and offering technology-based menu ordering as a response. This is where Panacea™ shines as a food services workflow tool. Panacea™ integrates directly with a hospital’s food services software, giving patients the ability to order their meals and snacks in advance or on-demand and relaying the orders directly to the kitchen. Panacea™ reminds patients to place their order, and through medical record integration, ensures that the correct patient receives the right food each time, dramatically reducing the number of errors associated with patient and dietary mismatch. Additionally, Panacea™ limits food choices based on food restrictions (e.g. allergies, salt-reduced diet, etc.), giving patients a truly personal and safe food ordering experience.

Reducing Costs.

Spending on patient food in health services ranges from approximately $8-$15 per day, and labour costs generally account for 70% of a hospital’s food services budget, according to HealthCareCANs report titled ‘The Role of Food in Hospitals’ (May 2017). To help alleviate the cost of food services, hospitals can decrease food waste by allowing patients to order their meals. By delivering meal options that patients actually want, hospitals can begin to reduce food waste and such associated costs. This also gives hospitals the opportunity to monitor food preferences and alter their menus based on the types of food patients want. Additionally, hospitals that provide digital food ordering through Panacea™ can reduce labour costs by limiting the time staff need to go room to room handing out and collecting paper menus.

With multiple cost savings, there is no wonder why our Food Services Module is the most requested Panacea™ integration.

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